Products kind

1. The lumber compresses the solution , bake dry
2. The lumber doesn’t compress the solution , bake dry

Production step

1. Procure the raw material   raw material place has where to come to

1.1 Take buy the raw material in front of a factory from a customer 

1.2  Take buy the raw material from the dot buys

1.3  From doing modifies the wood

2. Lead go up a table saws for process the wood follows the thick size the wideness of order trade to want


3. Lead the wood that order from mill department , transport reach solution tube


4. Order the wood that depart solution tube , follow wood grade , for import the oven


5. Lead the wood that can order to reach the oven for bakes the wood learn the news to is damp that fix standardized ,


6. When bake fully follow the amount will have date to fix then do wood lead comes out to random check the moistness in the wood ,

7. Reach the procedure orders , follow wood grade , standardized wood each size arrangement ,

8. Do something the package for prepare to deliver give with a customer next ,